Sunday, April 11, 2010

Are Mets fan (and fans in general) too quick to call for the head?

Many fans, after a slow start of a team or player, become anxious about them.  This is a very very common occurrence, no matter the team or the player.  For example, as another blogger, Old Backstop made some interesting points about Fernando Tatis, the Mets' part time first baseman/utility man that I would like the point out:
Tatis is really with the Mets to be a pitch hitter/utility man who can make spot starts at first for Daniel Murphy.  He was never expected to be an all-star hitter, he was never expected to start more than maybe 30 games last season, ditto for this season.

People are saying that Bay should have been signed because he got off to a bad start.  Bad starts happen!
Same with Mike Jacobs, but he hit a home run today.  Although it may have come when they were 5 runs behind, it is a sign of good things to come.
I know the Mets have gone 2-4 to begin the season, and that they lost 2 of 3 to the Nats and Marlins, but it's the very beginning of the season, things change, players and coaches learn, players have bad days (like Johan did today).  Right now, things can only get better.  You can't expect everything to work at the start of the season; there is no way that will happen!

In the big picture, Beltran will come back in May, Murphy will come back soon, and Reyes has already come back.  These things will help the team get better.

To all Mets fans:  The Mets may have had a horrible year last year, but let things play out a bit.  It is a new season, game 2 of the Marlins series showed that.  They may not have won, but they showed fight.  They came back from a 6-0 deficit in the 7th inning to tie it in the bottom on they could win any game 8th.  They lost in extras, but this is a good start.  It reminded me of the '06 Mets; they had a chance to win any game they played, and they would fight when they were behind.  Last year, you may remember that when the Mets were down by more than 2 runs, it seemed like the game was over already.  That is not the case this year.  The Mets will have a chance to win any game at any time.  Look at it this way, the Mets have had 3 let down/unlucky seasons in a row, the ball is bound to bounce their way this year!


  1. The thing is, they are running out 3-5 players every day who are terrible players. Jason Bay is not the problem Gary Matthews Jr (starting over Pagan!), Mike Jacobs (who wasn't good enough for the ROYALS) is playing first base.

    The results are bad but the process behind them is even worse.

  2. it's not too early to call for Manuel's head. The team is already displaying the lazy laid back attitude of Manuel from the past few years. Wilpon needs to make a change before they are 10 games out. It is never too early, especially since it looks like 2009 has returned.

  3. Look at it this way, the Mets have had 3 let down/unlucky seasons in a row, the ball is bound to bounce their way this year!

    >>> Sure. Cubs fans keep telling themselves that too.

    You can't expect everything to work at the start of the season; there is no way that will happen!

    >>> Really? Because I can point to quite a few other clubs that are starting out quite well.

    You're the probelm. Such a lousy fanbase to tolerate these things

  4. It's never too early to call for Omar's head.
    Anybody who picks Jacob (retread), Murphy (weak hitting butcher), Castillold (can't hit past infield), Matthews (finished), Tatis (nuff said) over Ike Davis (young with power), Tejada (actually catches the ball), Pagan (exciting), Chris Carter (can hit) does not deserve a job.
    Here's the thing, I know there were no pitchers to get this winter, but what about the talent that they have? He's throwing that away too.
    DUMP OMAR!!!

  5. The Marlins did more to lose that game than the Mets did to win it.

  6. Until the Mets have new ownership, management, the real source of the Mets problems over the last eight or nine seasons, won't be turned over. Until that happens, get used to over paid, under performing teams in Citi field.

  7. Each year is not self-contained. If guys have a track record of disappointing the fans, the fans are understandably going to have less patience the following season. I don't know too many Mets fans who were excited to see Jerry keep his job, nor fans who were happy to see a rotation that is 4/5 identical to last year's rotation. That's why the fans are turning on this team so quickly - the Mets essentially trotted out last year's team + Jason Bay and acted as though they are ocntenders. The fans aren't going to buy that until the team proves differently.

  8. how in hell do the mets have a payroll of 135mil and can't beat the marlins or the nats? I know the season has just begun and there is a long way to go but where i come from if you can't hit, you can't win. and the mets can't hit in the clutch, this team has no spark. players get a little injury and then can't or won't play. no one seems to pick up the other players. except maybe frenchy. the mets need Bobby V back, he always got the best from the players he had. they all wanted to play and always played hard. I don't know why the Met brass praises hojo. He was an OK player but i think since he has taken over as hitting coach our hitting has gotten progressively worse every year.

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  10. I love people who say, "it is essentially last years team" and then conveniently pocket that last years team even with Delgado going down in late April, Reyes in early May managed to be 29-21 at one point. Then Beltran went down and there was no way the team was going to say afloat.

    So yeah, it is essentially last years team, except at the moment they have one injured player they need back. Beltran.

  11. I agree that it's too early to judge... but you're dead wrong Harris Ackerman.

    They didn't show FIGHT in game 2 against the Marlins at ALL. They scored on WALKs, BALKS, and ERRORS.

    And that's the Mets problem. They HAVE NO FIGHT. Wright and the utility guys will take a WALK before swinging the bat anyday. No GRIT, no FIGHT, no HEART.

    So it's early, but I still see more of the same.

  12. No focus, no leader (field, front office or ownership), no pitching, no guts, no heart, no youth, no swagger (ahhhh... longing for the days of dykstra, backman, hernandez, strawberry, carter, etc.0, no farm system....story of the NY Mets in a nutshell.

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